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Currently carrying a variation of the standard maroon and cream livery

Carriage 14, also known as The Snapper Bar is a buffet car operating on the Ffestiniog Railway. It was originally built in 1897 as a non-corridor brake third for the Lynton & Barnstaple Railway. After the closure of that line it was sold for private use and was later bought by the FR in 1959. By 1963, the carriage was rebuilt as a corridor buffet car, becoming the largest carriage on the FR. In this form it provided the template for the FR's new carriages then being built.

Since the 1960s it has seen a number of modifications to improve its usefulness and (more recently) to bring its appearance more in keeping with its origins on the L&B. Although no longer required as one of the railways main buffet cars Carriage 14 can still be seen in regular use as part of the one of the railways main carriage sets. (more...)

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