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Bill Broadbent (1924-2005)

W.B. (Bill) Broadbent was one of the founding fathers of the Festiniog Railway revival. A railway engineer by training, he also had experience working for industry. He joined the fledgling Festiniog Railway Society in 1951 and soon found himself on the railway's board, where he brought much needed engineering expertise.

Bill was elected Chairman of the Festiniog Railway Society Board and remained a Director until 1984, during which time he also served as the Society's representative on the Festiniog Railway Company Board. During the late 1970s the pressure to reopen to Blaenau was placing strains upon all levels of the management of the FR and the Company Board sought to alleviate some of this by appointing a temporary Chief Executive. Bill, having recently lost his job with SELNEC, was available and took the post. Unfortunately, a certain lack of transparency in the arrangements caused hostility within the Society.

Bill continued to be involved with the Festiniog Railway and its society until his retirement in the 1980s after which he remained a supporter until his death in 2005. (more...)

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