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The porthole bug box

Carriage 12 is a new replica "Porthole bugbox". It is known by this name on account of the ventilators in the ends, as seen in the photograph. It incorporates the last of the metal underframes built for Ron Jarvis and is vacuum braked. It uses two original doors.

Enclosed bodies were added to original open vehicles, in place of the original leather aprons and canvas canopy, to make 1st class observation carriages and the side windows were completely glazed with a single pane of glass either side of the central door, which had a glazed droplight. It does not take much imagination to see that the glazing would have acted like a greenhouse in any sort of sunlight. The portholes originally had sliding ventilators which were in evidence to the end. There are two different styles of ventilator and a sample of each exists.

The replica is seen at Tan y Bwlch on its first revenue earning run.

Photo credit: Jim Hewett