The Football Pitch

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Two Trees Tunnel South
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A location on the deviation at the entrance to Tunnel South cutting where rock from the tunnel was graded. To this day, 2006, and some 25 years after completion, there is major evidence that something occurred on this site as it is strewn with rock bits all over.

View of Football Pitch before any track was laid
*Date: August 1974 *Photo: David Taylor

Seven Months later
*Date: 11th March 1975 *Photo: Jim Hewett

Early days at the Football Pitch. Later the site was bigger and a large part was covered by a grader
*Date: Unknown *Photo: FR Civil Engineering Group

The Football Pitch at its peak. The line on the left carried the rock to the hopper (The Grizzly) which can be seen at the lower end of the conveyer belt. At the far side are the three lines of wagons each collecting a different size of rock
*Date: 3rd October 1975 *Photo: Jim Hewett

The output end of the grader. The red wagons on the left were supplied by a contractor who wanted to help the FR. They turned out to be next to useless as they where not designed for manual tipping
*Date: 3rd October 1975 *Photo: Jim Hewett

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