Two Trees

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Two Trees
Mountaineer at Two Trees (now reduced to one!) with "London 21" special, 5th October 1975. Photo: Jim Hewett
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Two Trees was a Deviation location at southern end of The Football Pitch. It is named after two trees that originally stood here. One was removed to make way for new line. The second tree was removed in December 2011, as part of the lineside management process. The location remains on the official route, despite the lack of trees (see also Three Gates with its two gates). This is the last bend on the line before the new Moelwyn Tunnel.

By Summer 1974 permanent way had been laid from Dduallt to this point, and temporary track extended from here to Tunnel South Cutting. A gate was to be installed here to separate the public service of the Gelliwiog Shuttle from the construction operations to the north.

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