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This 20hp Hunslet 4wDM (Builder's number 2290 of 1941) came to the railway on 9 March 1964 having been a restoration project of the FR Society's White Rose group. It had been obtained from the Hunslet Engine Co on 8 October 1962, having previously worked at the War Department's Long Marston Depot in Warwickshire. Tyke, named for its county of origin, was used mainly on the GPO (BT) cable laying project on the Cob in 1966. It clocked 180 miles whilst at the FR, mostly on this project. However, it was not very successful and was out of use by 1967. It was dismantled by 1972 (or in 1979 according to Vic Mitchell), and in 1985 its chassis was disposed of to the Bicton Woodland Railway in Devon.

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