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This photograph was taken by Cyril Perrier taken on 25-9-04 during the Heritage AGM weekend, of part of a slate train that had arrived with ‘Moelwyn’

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Photo : DJ Morton Original here)

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Prince at Tan-y-bwlch
*Original Caption FR No. 2 Prince catches the last of the evening sunshine as it runs round its train, the 19:30 from Porthmadog, having just taken water at Tan-y-Bwlch station. On the right is a newly laid siding.
*Date 30th May 1966
*Photo: Geoff Plumb Ref 2116

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FR1 3 1963-3 Blodge bmp.jpg

The boiler and one power bogie from double Fairlie "Taliesin" in Boston Lodge Works in 1962 or 1963. (Roger Marks)

L-TEoM1BLearly1970s.jpg ||Photo: Tony Statham||

Picture wanted.jpg ||Picture:KCB I have saved this image here because I won't remember what it's named if I ever need to use it!||

A set of photographs of the Croesor Tramway and its environs taken by Tony Statham can be found here

East of Penrhyn Sta 19600514.jpg

Showing the two tracks that were in situ. Photo: DJ Norton Collection

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