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This group is for supporters of the Welsh Highland Railway, which when complete, will run from Caernarfon in the north right through to Porthmadog in North Wales. The group is quite active with around 590 members. A few are active volunteers on the railways, but don't let that put you off joining. We are very interested in the views of all supporters of the railway. If you are shy, join and see how the discussion develops before posting any emails yourself.

NOTE: Membership is unrestricted. If you have any queries about joining, follow the instructions on the welcome page at this page

This is an unofficial discussion group and is not promoted by any official part of the Welsh Highland or Ffestiniog Railways.

The group has a basic set of rules for members.

Source: The WHR e-group home page in part

Where the wiki makes use of quotes from the group, a link to the original is provided - usually in the form WHR E-group posting xxxxx where xxxxx is the relevant message number. If you are a member of that e-group, then you will be taken to the relevant message.

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There is also a "broadcast" group / "electronic noticeboard", specifically for members of the Welsh Highland Railway Ltd, called "WHR-Members".

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