Van 5/2011 restoration

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Van 5 (or the old Carriage 12) was withdrawn in early 2011 following the refurbishment of car 101 (now 123) for a long overdue refit and restoration. Externally it will be restored to the look of, when it was first lengthened in 1963. The appearance will be in the same style as Van 4. See here for pictures of the vehicle in service. The "early picture" is thought to be shortly after it was lengthened c1963.

Van 5 was showing great signs of rot. Much of the decayed timber has been now been removed and all that is left is to put it back together!.

Van 5, stripped down to establish what is needed to be done

Note the way that the door post had been fixed in place in the 1920s. Two six inch nails at the bottom and a five inch nail at the top. Being well protected, they haven’t rusted too much!

1920's carriage building - 6 inch nails
1920's carriage building - 5 inch nails

The restored vehicle will look like the 1960’s extended vehicle as shown in the B&W photo on the main page

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