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The welshhighland forums are defined as "Unaffiliated forums for Welsh Highland Railway supporters". Founded in September 2007, by Mid November 2009, the forums had 578 registered members and had over 12000 postings across nearly a thousand topics.

Owing to the editable forum structure, hotlinking to forum postings from Festipedia is not wise (as permanence of URLs cannot be guaranteed) and is not therefore normally allowed.

Text from forum postings may only be quoted in Festipedia entries created/edited by the original forums posting author, or by a forums administrator or moderator acting with the express permission of the original poster. Referencing of such quoted items should be by author, thread and forum titles, and date.

Example: Joe Bloggs, "Level Crossing numbers", in Phase 4, 09 Nov 2008.

These policies and methods are first versions, and are subject to evolutionary review.

Forums homepage: http://welshhighland.freeforums.org

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