Y Cymro

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A named train that ran non-stop from Porthmadog to Tan y Bwlch during the 1960s.

Prince arrives at Tan y Bwlch with the non-stop 1500 train Y Cymro (The Welshman) from Porthmadog Harbour station on a rather dull day - 1964

Blanche comes round the curve off the Cob passing Pen Cob Halt and the trackwork into Boston Lodge Works and shed in charge of non-stop 1500 train from Porthmadog Harbour to Tan-y-Bwlch - 1964

A somewhat transformed Blanche was again in charge of "Y Cymro", seen here waiting to depart. - 1964

The train ran non stop from Port to Blaenau. The train was full of people dressed in re-enactment costume for the American Civil war - 2006

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