2-Ton Slate Waggons (Un-Braked)

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Further examples of 2-ton slate wagons (un-braked)

Wagon 116[edit]

All-metal 2-ton slate wagon with friction reducing mechanism at one end. Dduallt - demonstration gravity slate train. Maenofferen Quarry colour code marking

The wagon contains a water tank to add extra weight for gravity trains. Several wagons were fitted with these for the 2004(?) Vintage Weekend. This wagon was also fitted with a means of releasing the water onto the rails to reduce friction and would be one of the leading vehicles in the Gravity Slate Trains. Washing-up liquid was also tried in the water but this did not find favour with the drivers of later "up" trains who had trouble with slipping.

Wagon 261/367[edit]

All-metal 2-ton slate wagon Dual numbered old Co. 367 on one side, New Co. 261 on other. Now resident at Tremadog Road Museum

Wagon 316[edit]

harbour station
harbour station 2018

Wagon 335[edit]

Harbour Station Greaves (-Hafoddty) Quarry colour code marking

Wagon 364[edit]

Minffordd Yard

Wagon 639[edit]


Wagon 659[edit]

Harbour Station Rhiwbach Quarry colour code marking.

Wagon 697[edit]

Glan-Y-Mor yard - Votty And Bowydd Quarry colour code marking

Wagon 757[edit]

Minffordd Yard

Wagon 758[edit]

Harbour Station

Wagon 785[edit]

Rhiw Goch - Interactive III Llechwedd Quarry colour code marking

Wagon 787[edit]

Boston Lodge, Top Yard

Wagon 797[edit]

Dduallt, demonstration gravity slate train

Wagon 804[edit]

Abandoned in Maenofferen slate quarry, Blaenau Ffestiniog

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