3-Ton Slate Waggons (Braked)

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Further examples of 3-ton slate wagons with ratcheted brakes

Notes from the 009 dundas models kits of these wagons (believed to have been prepared with assistance from the FR Archives), state that the following 3-ton braked slate wagons were built:

- Second 3t batch from Brown Marshalls (first batch were all unbraked) 1870/1. 28 built with dead buffers and 2 with spiral sprung buffers. New type axleboxes. Example historic numbers 825 and 870 (dead buffers) and 873 (spiral)

- Later Boston Lodge built wagons between 1872-82. 43 built with new type axleboxes and spiral sprung buffers. Example historic numbers 7, 142, 256, 264, 330, 396, 402, 410, 412, 451, 461, 469, 876, 945, 946, 947, 965 and 969.

The last wagons were produced in 1882 and all future orders were 2t, which were preferred by the quarries.

1895 livery was brick red with black floor and running gear.

1925 livery was dark grey or black all over or in combination.

Wagon 7[edit]

Wagon 122[edit]

Dduallt Water Tank Curve (near what is now Campbell's Platform)

Wagon 142[edit]

Wagon 148[edit]

Wagon 256[edit]

Wagon 264[edit]

Wagon 300[edit]

No 300 from The Ffestiniog Slate Wag(g)on restoration team website

Wagon 396[edit]

Wagon 412[edit]

Wagon 461[edit]

Wagon 876[edit]

Wagon 942[edit]

Wagon 945[edit]

A full description of this waggon can be found on Page 38 (Plate 16) of the New Spooner Album

Wagon 947[edit]

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