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A. G. Crick
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Occupation Office Staff
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Alfred George Digby Crick was born c.1866 in East Retford, Nottinghamshire. His father was Frederick who took up a position with the FR in 1872. Alfred married Sophia around 1903 and by 1911 had two children Reginald Copley, b. 1904, who later worked for the FR and Florence Irene b.1906. The family lived at 29 Madoc Street, Portmadoc. He and his brothers and sisters were bilingual although only the youngest sister was born in Wales.[1]

Around 1883 he was appointed assistant clerk working for the FR in Porthmadog. Noted August 1893 pay to rise to 28/- weekly to rise by 2/- in February 1895 and another 2/- in February 1896 and 34/- from February 1900. In 1903 he is recorded as being a draughtsman in an application for a mortgage (held in Gwynedd Archives).

Appointed Secretary and Manager from 14th October 1907 at a salary of £100.

In 1913 he also became Secretary to the Portmadoc Harbour Trust of which the FR Co. was a member

Following the review by John Macaulay, added title of Traffic Superintendant from 31st March 1916 with a pay increase of £20, to £130.

In October 1919 the wartime bonuses were paid and he received £1.

Noted as Secretary, FR around the 1920-22 period [2]

He resigned as Secretary on 13 June 1922, but continued his employment with the company. He was replaced by W. R. Huson, who also held the post for the WHR and eventually, the SMR.[3][4][5]

It is from Alfred's diary that we have the details of the Spooner's Boat accident.


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