Reginald Crick

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Reginald Crick
Employer FR Co.
Occupation Fireman
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Reginald was born in 1904, to Alfred and Sophia Crick.

He served his apprenticeship at Boston Lodge from 1919 and was sometimes put out as a fireman. He was credited with the flanging of Russell's dome in 1924 in an FR Magazine article, and certainly was involved in the dismantling of Taliesin and Livingston Thompson in that year. For an account by Reg Crick of life at Boston Lodge under the rule of "Toby Jug" (Robert Williams) and the antics employed to get an illicit smoke see FRM No. 47. [1]

A link between the old and new FR as he was a member of the Hampshire & Sussex Group during the early days of the restoration, and its first chairman. His death was reported in the Spring 1972 FR Magazine.

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