Brian Hollingsworth

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Engineer & Author

Post Cambridge University and 'after suffering a brief compulsory direction in the world of flying machines', he joined the Great Western Railway as a civil engineer in the last few months of its existence in 1947. In his subsequent British Railways career took him to the north-east and then to BR headquarters in London. In 1963 his mathematical background led him into the world of computers and in due course to a heavy involvment with BR's TOPS wagon and train control system. However he found the Beeching culture of cut backs and closures unwelcome and left BR to live in a remote house somewhere between Croesor Junction and Tan-y-Bwlch in 1974. There he took up writing, as well as advising the FR on engineering matters and being instrumental in the preservation of several standard gauge locomotives. His Ffestiniog Adventure [1] relates the story of the Deviation in a comprehensive but anecdotal style. He also installed and operated the seven and a quarter gauge railway at Tan-y-Bwlch during the 150th Anniversary celebrations.

He was a Patron of the FR Co.and featured in two Personal Portraits in the FRM[2][3]. Brian died in 2001 and his obituary can be found in the society magazine[4]

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