Carriage 40

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Carriage 40
Seating 30 Third
Status Original no longer exists, reconstruction operates at Apedale.
Built by Robert Hudson Ltd
Built July 1923
Frames Hudson underframe

Reference is made within Boyd[1] pages 361/2 to a carriage 40, one of the Hudson Toastracks.

In common with Hudson Toastracks numbers 38, 39 and 41, it was converted into a flat wagon in 1926-8. However this vehicle no longer exists.

As many parts were interchangable with other Hudson/WD vehicles, these may have been re-used and are possibly still extant.

One of the Toastrack underframes (it is not clear which one) became FR wagon 67 and in recent years was passed to the Moseley Railway Trust, who have now rebuilt it as WHR Carriage 40 and operate it on their Apedale Valley Railway in Staffordshire.

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