Carriage 37

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Carriage 37
Type Tourist Open Third
Seating 24 x 3rd
Home Railway FR
Status In service
Built by FR Co.
Built 1971
Length 22 ft
Frames WD D type wagon underframe

Carriage 37 is an open-sided tourist coach (also known as a "toastrack") operating on the Ffestiniog Railway.


The Festiniog Railway has three carriages with open sides. They are added to service trains in good weather, to offer passengers an alternative to travelling in a closed carriage. The open carriages are usually placed immediately behind the locomotive on the Up run. Usually known as the "Tourist Cars", two of these carriages were built in 1971 at Boston Lodge.

No.37 is a semi-open four-compartment tourist carriage built by FR Co. at Boston Lodge on a much older WD D-type bogie wagon underframe (ex No. 70 (the first)), acquired and refurbished by FR WRG 1971, its prior user being presently unknown.

When constructed, some of the half-height doors from Carriage 23 were fitted to this carriage and to Carriage 38.


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