Carriage 42

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Carriage 42
Type Hudson Toastrack
Seating 32 x 3rd
Home Railway WHHR
Original Railway F&WHR
Status In Service
Built by Robert Hudson, Leeds
Built 1923
Length 19 ft[1]

Carriage 42 is a Hudson Toastrack built for the Ffestiniog and Welsh Highland Railways. Later converted into an oil tank wagon, it now resides on the Welsh Highland Heritage Railway where it has been restored to passenger use.


It was built in August 1923 by Robert Hudson Ltd of Leeds, to a design of WW1 military carriage used in the 600mm gauge trench railways. It was one of six commissioned by Colonel Stephens for the Ffestiniog at a cost of £155 each. When delivered these carriages were painted in light grey undercoat and two, at least, ran in this colour until 1934. An undated photograph of one carriage at Boston Lodge appears to show that some, at least, were painted in a darker colour at one stage. They were numbered 37-42 in the 'joint' WHR/FR numbering scheme and appear to have operated mainly on the Welsh Highland between Beddgelert and Portmadoc. In later years, due to the financial situation, parts were used to keep the Beddgelert coal wagons in running order. Eventually only 37 and 42 remained.

However, these ended up being stripped down after the war. No. 37 provided the frame for FR rebuilt Carriage 38 in 1972, leaving No. 42 in use for storage. Indeed, No. 42 housed the boiler of Quarry Hunslet Britomart until mid-1997.

In an FR e-group post, Phil Tucker states that the Hudson underframe and bogies under Welsh Highland car 42 were previously under FR tank wagon no. 64 and are all original carriage bits.[2] When Phil built the new chassis for tank 64 he arranged for the historic Hudson components to be donated to the former '64 Co. They had no further use on the FR, but were an ideal project for the restoration team at Gelert's Farm who have justified the co-operation by their excellent restoration of the carriage.

In order to provide compatibility with other WHHR rolling stock Carriage 42 is fitted with air brakes, and in common with FR and WHR(C) it is fitted with Norwegian Chopper couplings.

There is a data page on the Welsh Highland Railway's own website

The WHRL Carriage No. 3 had been known as the Hudson toastrack, due to its construction. On completion of Carriage 42, it became referred to as Old Toastie.

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