Creassy Embankment

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The Creassy Embankment was built by William Madocks in 1800 to cut off the north-west of Traeth Mawr (the estuary of River Glaslyn) and allow him to establish the town of Tremadoc. It rises gently on a gradient of 1 in 3556, and it was utilized for the trackbed of the Croesor Tramway, and subsequently that of the WHR, up as far as Portreuddyn, after which it turned inland across the estuary.

The Embankment is named after James Creassy, the waterways engineer and surveyor employed by Madocks to supervise its construction, which was primarily of earth and sand. Creassy had considerable experience of ditching and drainage work on the Fens of Lincolnshire & Cambridgeshire, and he afterwards worked with William Jessop on the Leven Canal.[1]


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