Cwmorthin Bridge

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Cwmorthin Bridge
Cwmorthin waterfall 2.JPG
The Cwmorthin waterfall, 2007. Photo: Mike Buck
Type Bridge
Status In use
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Dduallt Tanygrisiau
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Stwlan Dam Road Crossing Tanygrisiau
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Cwmorthin Bridge over the Afon Cwmorthin is just a few yards on the Porthmadog side of Tanygrisiau Station. Effectively the final part of the Deviation, work on the bridge started at Easter 1976 and it was only a matter of weeks before the abutments were cast, the 3 concrete beams (55' long and 3' high) arriving on lorries on 27th July.

The waterfall adjacent to this bridge is very popular with passengers and photographers on the trains.

Cwmorthin Br1.jpg
Cwmorthin Bridge not long after deck had been cast. Note rock face on opposite end which was removed later
Date: 11 October 1976
Location: Tanygrisiau
Photographer: Jim Hewett


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