Cwmorthin Quarry Incline

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Cwmorthin Quarry Incline
The sidings at the bottom of the Cwmorthin incline, March 1972
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Tanygrisiau Blaenau Ffestinog
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Tanygrisiau Dolrhedyn Road Bridge
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Cwmorthin Quarry Incline is where the 1850 tramway from the Cwmorthin Quarry, best seen from the area of Penstocks Road crossing, comes down to the railway immediately above footbrige 1 (Tanygrisiau). There is a further incline on this tramway just below Cwmorthin Quarry. The tramway was extended in 1874 to also serve Conglog Quarry, which required a further short incline at the top end. From Conclog it is only a short uphill walk into the workings of New Rhosydd Quarry which was never connected to the FR directly but to the upper end of the Croesor Tramway. But Boyd recounts a legend that some FR wagons were once consigned to New Rhosydd up the Croesor line, and eventually reappeared on the FR coming down the Cwmorthin incline.

The location is still listed on the official FR route as Cwmorthin Siding.

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