Dolrhedyn Road Bridge

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Dolrhedyn Road Bridge
Tanygrisiau bridge.jpg
2007, Photo: Andrew Hill
Type Bridge
Status In use
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Tanygrisiau Blaenau Ffestinog
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Cwmorthin Quarry Incline Penlan
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Dolrhedyn (Fern Meadow) Road Bridge is located just uphill of Tanygrisiau station. It is exceedingly low for road traffic and the steep road was for a long time the only road access to Dolrhedyn and Cwmorthin.

Prior to 1900 the Dolrhedyn road crossed the FR on the level. There were gates some distance from the track on either side of the crossing.

The original bridge was dismantled by the C.E.G.B. Contractors in 1957 to allow high vehicles (i.e. dust carts & fire engines) to get to Cwmorthin Terrace. Later an abutment was demolished by the local authority.

Following the completion of an alternative road to Cwmorthin from the via the Stwlan Dam Road Crossing, a new deck was laid in 1979 at no cost to the FR, under a previous agreement by the council. However, it was built a foot too high and consequently there is now a small 'hump' here in the railway gradient.

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