Day Log/1881-06-08

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On this day, Colonel Rich visited the Blaenau Ffestiniog area for the second time to inspect the layout of track following its doubling and a previous visit some weeks earlier.

On this occasion, most of his requirements had been met, and he gave approval for the new line and station to be used for passenger operations. There was a postcipt to this report in that the company was required to submit an undertaking to work the line by train staff and block telegraph.

He was still unhappy with the branch line into the LNWR goods yard and its interlocking, which was on his previous list. He made proposalas to rectify this and certain other signalling aspects in respect of the line from the original Junction up to Dinas.

Spooner made haste in complying with Rich's request, except for the second home signal. This was to be interlocked with the points at the Dinas/Glan y Pwll junction. On this he reported back that he did not see the need as there would be little traffic in that direction.

Rich approved, but pointing out that a subsequent inspection would still be required when an officer was in the area.[1]


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