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On this day, the "Festiniog Railway (Deviation) Certificate 1898 was made. This empowered the company to vary the route of the line from the Dinas Station at Blaenau to Glanypwll. Also to hand over the line as was to W. E. Oakeley and Oakeley Slate Quarries Ltd.[1]

The base of the notice in the Gazette, issue 26973, commencing page 10, reads

Board of Trade Session 1898. - Festiniog Railway (Deviation)
Certificate of the Board of Trade for the Construction of a Deviation Railway.

WHEREAS the Festiniog Railway Company, incorporated by Act of 1832, and by the Act of 1869 was authorized to make and has made a branch, called the Dinas Mineral Branch Railway: And whereas William Edward Oakeley has desire of the lands of this branch, subject to a leasethereof to the Oakeley Slate Quarries Company Limited (hereafter called the Slate Company),

And whereas William Edward Oakeley and the Slate Company have agreed, subject to this Certificate being obtained, to grant and convey to the Festiniog Railway Company the lands required for the said Deviation Railway and any works in connection,in consideration of the Railway Company agreeing to convey to the said William Edward Oakeley and the Slate Company the site of such portion of the existing railway as authorized to be abandoned: And whereas the Festiniog Railway Company has

complied with the requirements of the Railways Construction Facilities Act 1864 and the Railways (Powers and Construction) Acts 1864 Amendment Act 1870. Now, the Board of Trade do, by this Certificate, certify as follows:—

Short Title - This Certificate may be cited as "The Festiniog Railway (Deviation) Certificate 1898
Interpretation - In this Certificate the expression " the Company " means the Festiniog Railway Company.
Power to construct Deviation Railway - Subject to the provisions of this Certificate the Company may on the lands contracted to be purchased by them, make and maintain the Deviation Railway shown on the plans and sections deposited in the application for this Certificate in the lines and according to the levels shown. with all proper stations, sidings, approaches, works and conveniences connected.

The Deviation Railway authorized in this Certificate will be situate wholly in the parish of Festiniog in the county of Merionethshire and commence by a junction with the existing main line of railway of the Company at or about the junction therewith in the direction of Portmadoc of the Dinas Mineral Branch Railway of the Company and terminate by a junction with the said- Dinas Mineral Branch Railway of the Company at the Dinas Station thereon.

Gauge of Railway - The Railway shall be constructed on a gauge of 1 ft 11 3/4 inches.
Time for Completion - If not completed within three years, then the powers lapse, except to works then 'completed'
Tolls - This Deviation shall for all purposes be deemed to be part of the railways of the Company authorized by the FR Act 1869. Provided that the rates and charges shall not exceed the rates and charges authorized by the Railway Rates and Charges No. 6 (Festioiog Railway Sec.) Order. Confirmation Act 1892
Application of Funds. - The Company may apply for any of the purposes of this Certificate any money which they are authorized to raise under the Festiniog Railway Act 1869 whether by shares stock debenture, stock or borrowing.
Abandonment of Portion of Railway for which this Deviation Substituted. - When and so soon as the Deviation Railway shall have been completed and opened for public conveyance of passengers the Company, may abandon the user of so much of the existing railway of the Company as will be situate between the points of junction therewith of the "said Deviation Railway and will be rendered unnecessary by the construction of such Deviation Railway and may take up remove and utilize the rails plates sleepers signals signal boxes and other plant works and conveniences connected 'therewith and may convey and dispo?e of the 'site' of such portion of the existing railway to the said William Edward Oakeley and the Slate Company in such manner and for such estates and interests as shall be agreed upon.
Provision as to General Acts - Nothing in this Certificate shall exempt the Company or railway from provisions of any other Act in force or introduced subsequently.
Costs - All costs and expenses relating to the preparing, obtaining and passing of this Certificate to be borne by the company.

Secretary to the Board of Trade
The Board of Trade,
Whitehall Gardens,
Dated 23rd May, 1898


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