Day Log/2002-06-15

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On this day, there was a board meeting of the FRS

Following this the following was published 14th July 2002

Further to the announcement made on 5 May 2002 the roles and responsibilities of the Society Board are:

Elected Directors

Andrew Hayward : Chairman
Richard Stibbs : Vice Chairman
Christopher Boulter : Hostels' Management, Membership Services
Rod Buchanan : Communications - Volunteer Website, IT
Philip J. Hawkins : Area Groups Liaison
Dave Charlton : Fundraising, Membership Recruitment
David Gordon : Finance*
Peter Johnson : Communications - Publications
David Lampert : Functional Groups Liaison
Hilary Norton : Volunteer Forum, Membership Recruitment


Roger Schofield : Company Secretary, Registrar
Paul Harris : Assistant Secretary, GIM Editor

A member or members of the Board will be appointed by the Board to oversee and act as liaison for each Society funded project.

Andy Savage has been invited to attend Society Board meetings as a nominee of the Festiniog Railway Company Board. Andy is also a Vice President of the Society.

  • pending the appointment of the new Treasurer