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Dduallt Tanygrisiau
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Moelwyn Halt Wrysgan Quarry Incline
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Doppog (also spelled Dopog) lay immediately to the east of the line, around the area north-east of the current Power Station at Llyn Ystradau. What little is known of Doppog today largely comes from Dan Wilson's early memoirs of the railway (published in FRM-192, spring 2006) where he wrote "The [railway] line remained a footpath [from Tanygrisiau] down to cottages at Doppog, a hamlet erased entirely in the 1960s by the pumped-storage power station". It is not known whether the properties were inhabited or derelict at that time, or indeed how many properties comprised the hamlet.

In his autobiography Bywyd Bach, Gwyn Thomas (National Poet for Wales in 2006, who lived as a boy in Tanygrisiau) states that a small-holding called Tŷ Newydd - the home of his Anti Kate - was one of those drowned in the creation of the reservoir. He also gives the name "Cei Mawr" to the former stone embankment which curved from the foot of Wrysgan Quarry Incline towards Tanygrisiau Station.

Parish records show that Doppog was the birthplace of John William Byatt in 1863.

The name Doppog appears on the O.S. maps of 1891 - 1953, and this can be accessed on line at Old

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