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Evie Roberts was a local man who worked on the Festiniog Railway from 1960 till 1972, at first as a platelayer. He had previous experience on the GWR, WHR and pre-closure FR. [1][2] According to one reference his time on the GWR included Porthmadog Signal box in the 1930s. [3] After a period of gastric trouble at Christmas 1963, he hurt himself in a collision with a wagon and had a further spell off. [4]It is reported in the 1965 Autumn Magazine that platelayer Evie Roberts was able to resume work early in August after almost a year on the sick list following his fall near Pen-y-Bryn. [5] In this fall onto the roadway below Pen-y-Bryn bridge he broke a bone in his heel and received a bad gash on his head. [6] In later years he was associated in particular with fencing and walling. After 1966 when Tom Davies rejoined the FR staff, Evie often worked together with Tom when the latter was not driving engines during the summer season. A man of advanced years and a native Welsh speaker, it appeared that Evie's acquisition of the English language had taken place in circles where a somewhat restricted and particularly crude vocabulary prevailed. When Tom Davies and Evie were the fencing team it was a Welsh speaking environment which made for an interesting time and a cross-cultural experience for mono-glot English speaking volunteers working with them. According to Fred Howes, Evie's English pronunciation included referring to the Wickham Trolley as the "Wigwam".


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