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The Festiniog Railway is fenced mainly with stone walls, sometimes with wire and standards on top.

It is noted the slate mining produced a lot of waste (90%) which maximised the amount of walls compared to fencing.

Low cost railway[edit]

The FR has always prided itself as being a cost-effective railway, especially on so-called "first" or capital costs. One way of being a Cheap Railway is not to provide facilities that are not absolutely in the earliest days of operation when trains operate at very low speeds. Such as fencing.

(QNNA) A question to ask is whether the line was fenced (or walled) from day one or at some later date?

Limited clearance[edit]

Since the FR structure gauge is "only slightly" larger than the "loading gauge" it is often unsafe to stand between moving trains and structures such as walls, fences, tunnels, etc.


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