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This page created so wiki editors know what each other are doing

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25 January 2009[edit]

Continuing and nearly completed - making various references into templates following the std format. See books about the FR or WHR pages
--Keith (talk) 2009-1-25T08:18:35 (UTC)

28 November 2008[edit]

Is it really 11 months since I last updated this???

Right - just completed creating templates for the major books used as reference - things like {{Boyd-WH1}} and {{Johnson-~IHJF}}

Also, on going, creation of names taken from HGJ to act as base references --Keith (talk) 2008-11-28T17:11:58 (UTC)

28 December 2007[edit]

Add a few notes on the TALK page here as to the form of a page .. using images.. bottom lines etc - just notes that I am trying to follow myself --Keith (talk) 2007-12-28T22:58:51

18 December 2007[edit]

links for A User Friendly index are being progressively removed - see Festipedia:The Den for relevants. making sure categories appear at very end - otherwise causes minor layout screw. Where we have had e.g. Carriages for the FR, WHR Carriages for the WHR(C) I have now standardised where the single name (eg Carriages, Wagons, Locos, Stations, Locations) are index pages leading to the relevant sections. Where the FR detailes were in these files, they have been moved to the equiv FR Carriage, FR Wagons etc. --Keith (talk) 2007-12-18T16:19:25 Some undated entries on this file have been tagged todays date

28 Aug 2007[edit]

Continuing on with names. Added some redirects
[[Welsh Highland]] , [[Festiniog]] or [[Ffestiniog]] will take to the standard company page, whilst [[Harbour]] will take direct to Harbour Station
--Keith (talk) 2007-12-18T16:19:25

11-> Aug 2007[edit]

fill out people appearing in the FR /WHR history. Names are always in form "Henry Archer", not "Archer, Henry" although they appear in index under both versions. Titles are removed from entry title i.e. Colonel Stephens appears as pure "Holman Fred Stephens", but links via redirects still work. Where Christian names are unknown, use of title until found is acceptable--Keith (talk) 2007-12-18T16:19:25

10 Aug 2007[edit]

revamp copyrights on magazine scans to template:imagecaption and place blanket premission from license holder--Keith (talk) 2007-12-18T16:19:25

09 Aug 2007[edit]

Formalised / Finalised link to FESTSHOP site for sales support
--Keith (talk) 2007-12-18T16:19:25

26 - 28 Jul 2007[edit]

various links updated - more so including ones on the main wiki - for the changes to www.Festrail.co.uk and for Ben Fishers site links --Keith 22:24, 30 July 2007--Keith (talk) 2007-12-18T16:19:25

16 - 17 Jul 2007[edit]

Due to the change on Dr Ben's site, a multitude of links needed changing. I also made sure other external links were ok. 1) A link for Noel Whalley on a Geocities site had gone. 2) One WHR event report (from old FR system) that hadnt transferred to wiki 3) Links to www.festrail have been redirected 4) Check Links for Isengard - all ok - all to current site All main are clear as of this date - there are a number (in excss of 150) of one offs in the list, including Fotopics sites - these havent been checked --Keith 14:37, 17 July 2007--Keith (talk) 2007-12-18T16:19:25

11 - 15 Jun 2007[edit]

Am away on a big railway (well, on holiday in Minehead = next to a big one!) - no web access scheduled. --Keith 13:49, 8 June 2007

03 Jun 2007[edit]

Trawling the London gazette and OPSI site to create a "Legal Agreement" source base--Keith (talk) 2007-12-18T16:19:25

22 May 07[edit]

The following 8 pages are all coming up on the 'Dead End Pages' page, marked DELETION REQUIRED, and can all be deleted
Carriages 37,38 And 39
Cei A'r Bont
Darjeeling 19
Dr John Prideaux
Festiniog And Blaenau Railway Locomotives
Locations En Route
March 2005 Translation

Ta --Keith (talk) 2007-12-18T16:19:25 == 19 May 07 == there sre 2 categories on the World Wiki which are relevant to us - "Festiniog Railway" and Welsh Highland Railway" surprisingly, The list of articles, merged, are now on our Reference Links page. I am going through slowly and "improving" our equivalent pages!! --Keith 14:01, 19 May 2007

== 12 May 07 == Ongoing - Back to forms - there are 4 different types to be changes

  • 1 Back To:
  • 2 Back to:
  • 3 Back To
  • 4 Back to

Note Opt 3 & 4 may appear as part of text and no proper attempt is being made on these. All being changed to == See also == and tidying tsking place at same time --Keith 12:15, 12 May 2007

== 04 May 07 == Ongoing - Fixing some WHR(P) locos - never operated on line - goto "Visiting" __Keith 10:16, 4 May 2007

== 03 May 07 == Ongoing - Replacing old "Back to" in various forms with "== See also ==" __Keith 10:16, 4 May 2007