Books About The Welsh Highland Railway

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  • Boyd, James I.C. (1950) [1949]. Narrow-gauge rails to Portmadoc; a historical survey of the Festiniog-Welsh Highland Railway and its ancillaries;. Tanglewood, South Godstone, Surrey: The Oakwood Press. OCLC 12129614.

  • Hopkins, John (2003) [1999]. Rheilffordd Eryri/The Welsh Highland Railway: 1991 to 2003. Porthmadog: private print. OCLC 42445841.

  • Roberts L.J. et al. Snowdon and Welsh Highland Holiday Book (1923). Welsh Highland Railway. Pub.Snowdon Mountain Tramroad & Hotels OCLC=39863549
  • Neale, Andrew (1996). Russell : the story of an historic narrow gauge steam locomotive. Porthmadog: WHR (1964) Ltd. ISBN 0950117838. OCLC 35318216.


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