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  • Blenkinsop, Richard James (1993). Linda & Blanche : Penrhyn to Festiniog. Leicester, England: AB Publishing. ISBN 1869915054. OCLC 29389213.

  • Boyd, James I.C. (1950) [1949]. Narrow-gauge rails to Portmadoc; a historical survey of the Festiniog-Welsh Highland Railway and its ancillaries;. Tanglewood, South Godstone, Surrey: The Oakwood Press. OCLC 12129614.

  • Robert F., Fairlie (1872). Railways or no railways. Narrow Gauge, economy with efficiency. v. Broad Gauge, costliness with extravagance AKA The Battle of the Gauges Renewed. London, England: Effingham Wilson. OCLC 4871409.

  • Robert F., Fairlie (1969) [1864]. Locomotive engines, what they are and what they ought to be. Porthmadog, Wales: Festiniog Railway Company. OCLC 57419977.

  • Gray, A.C. The Festiniog Railway, Preservation Era Drawings of Locos & Rolling Stock (Narrow Lines Extra No.12)(2005), Adrian Gray, 7mm Narrow Gauge Association ISBN 0954981111

  • Hancock, Celia (1998). Walking around the Ffestiniog Railway : with notes about many points of interest to be encountered along the way and some of the personalities who created them. Mold: Adit Publications. ISBN 9780952297925. OCLC 40611087.

  • Jarvis, Peter (1994) [1993]. Adeiladu muriau cerrig sych ar Reilffordd Ffestiniog = Dry stone walling on the Ffestiniog Railway. Porthmadog: Rheilffordd Ffestiniog Railway. ISBN 0901848077. OCLC 30157087.

  • Lewis, M.J.T. Archery and Spoonerisms (1996), M.J.T.Lewis - its not a published book!!
  • Mitchell, Vic (2002). Festiniog - 50 Years of Enterprise. Midhurst, Sussex, England: Middleton Press. ISBN 1-901706-83-4. OCLC 51991676.

  • Stretton, John. (1996). The Ffestiniog and Welsh Highland Railways : a nostalgic trip along both lines from Caernarvon to Porthmadog and Blaenau Ffestiniog. Peterborough, England: Past & Present Publishing. ISBN 1858950910. OCLC 35816677.

  • Vignes, Edouard (1878). Étude technique sur le Chemin de fer de Festiniog et quelques autres chemins de fer à voie étroite de l'Angleterre. Paris: Dunod. OCLC 26025340.

  • Vignes, Edouard (1986) [1878]. Technical study of the Festiniog Railway and some other narrow-gauge railways of England. Translation:D. Boreham. London: P.E. Waters & Assoc. ISBN 0948904038. OCLC 17354030.

  • Williams, J.W. The Festiniog Railway 1836-1966, 130 Years in Pictures J.W. Williams a "1960s photo album"
  • Wilson, Andrew (2005). The Festiniog Railway from 1950. Stroud, England: Tempus. ISBN 9780752423975. OCLC 65466662.


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