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Owen Gethin Jones[edit]

Many thanks for including the piece on Owen Gethin Jones on your webpage. But please ensure that you have all your detail concerning this well-known 19c. personality correct! I do not know where you had your info. re. the collection of his works 'Gweithiau Gethin' from. This book was published in 1884, a year after Gethins' death, by his friend Gwilym Cowlyd at his press in LLanrwst. As far as I know, Emeritus Prof. R.T.Jenkins did not write anything on Gethin, certainly not a biography. I am the only one to venture into that field! I'm glad to find that you have the details re. my biography on him correct, and see that you quote quite a bit from that volume in your piece.

Vivian Parry Williams


Our sources for the short article for Owen Gethin Jones were 2 entirely seperate items. One of these being one of his descendants, who is connected to our railway. There is a short piece at the National Library of Wales web site at [1], seemingly written by Jenkins, which is where the info re 'Gweithiau Gethin' came from. Sorry if my original precis implied Jenkins wrote a full bio, but as you would see from the link, it was just the descriptive paragraph. The article has been amended to reflect such. --Keith (talk) 16:08, 29 July 2011 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Locomotive speeds[edit]

Good afternoon. I am writing some words on Ffestiniog locomotives for a forthcoming Dorling Kindersley publication, The Train Book. Among rthe specifications demanded are the maximum speeds for three engines: LILLA, LINDA and MERDDIN EMRYS. Do you have any clue as to what speeds they would have achieved in quarry service and what their permitted speeds are on the Ffestiniog today? Any help very welcome. Many thanks. Peter Herring. Telephone: 07973 834339/Fax: 01932 254639/e-mail: pgh4612@googlemail.com

The current speed limit on the FR is 20mph. Merddin Emrys was never in quarry service. It may have run at higher speeds under the old company but I think we only have anecdotal evidence. Lilla and Linda would probably have run at lower speeds in quarries but I don't have any figures. --Peter Harrison (talk) 08:46, 24 January 2014 (UTC)Reply[reply]