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Fred Boughey (1924 - 2008) was volunteer Foreman of Works and Carriage and Waggon Foreman from 1955 and became a member of the permanent staff in a similar role in 1975[1]

Fred was born and raised in Birkenhead. He spent time in hospitals as a child because of tuberculosis. He left school and worked for Crow & Son as an apprentice joiner. In WW2 he was in the Home Guard and after volunteering served in the 70th Welch Regiment. After military service he worked for the Birkenhead Coop Works Dept. He took the chance to be trained as a teacher and taught woodwork and technical drawing in Liverpool and Birkenhead. He met and married Alice Morgan and they had a daughter and son.

He became a FR volunteer in the early pioneering years. His problem solving and practical skills as well as leadership talent were just what the FR needed. He lived at first in No. 1. Boston Lodge Cottages, then a caravan in the Top Yard then on joining the paid staff in 1975 Allan Garraway's old flat at Harbour Station and then finally in No. 4 Boston Lodge.

Fred had a particularly close association with FR carriages. His teaching skills and experience were put to good use to make arrangements for the visits of the Tadpoles. He became Assistant to Works Manager Paul Dukes and spent much time in the drawing office including new steel boiler design.

In 1966 Fred published two articles in the FR Magazine entitled "FR Coaches 1955 - 1965".[2] This is an excellent summary of the state of the carriages at takeover of the FR and early work to get them back into traffic.

Married to Alice Boughey née Morgan d.1995.

He died in September 2008, his obituary with picture of him aged 34 appeared shortly after[3]

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