G.W. Fosbery

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George William Fosbery became a Clerk in the NWNGR offices in 1899/1900. He left in January 1910 to take up a position with Smith, Woolley & Co, South Collingham (where he had been born in 1881), but retained connections with the Railway, becoming a Director in the summer of 1911. Gowrie C. Aitchison had also became a director, (a year earlier) and also joined Smith, Woolley. The March 1911 Census records Fosbery as Accountant + Cashier. Both Aitchison and Fosbery served in the Army in France during WW1, Fosbery joining up in August 1914. Aitchison seems to have come through unscathed, but Fosbery was shot through the lung on 19 May 1915 and resigned his Commission as a result. They were the only directors for the last years of the Company until the Dolgarrog People took over. Fosbery lived until February 1937.

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