Gerald Fox

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Gerald Fox, light railway engineer, [b. 1940] educ. Marlborough, where he built some small bridges as a schoolboy, MA Cantab., PWE [Public Works Engineer USA], surveyor and early Engineer of the FR Deviation 1961-68. His name appears on the Deviation Stone on the Spiral at Dduallt. He thought of the scheme for the Spiral. (Wilson, 1973) He was involved professionally in construction of London Underground's Victoria Line at Oxford Circus Tube Station, a nuclear power station in Anglesey, a silver mine in Yukon, the Bay Area Rapid Transit of San Francisco, the Trimax [tramway] of Portland, Oregon (with a spiral on the Airport branch) and the Lake Oswego Trolley, a volunteer-run tramway in the same city. Having secured the services of a labouring gang from the local penitentiary, he was notable in persuading the screws to join the fun.

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Wilson D H (1973) Fox Speaks, Ffestiniog Railway Magazine, No. 63. pages 18 - 21.