Greaves Family

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The FR owes much of its existence to the work of a small number of family dynasties

The Greaves Family were in the area from before the start, and from tracing through the family tree, may still have a direct line descendant in the area

This list, (non exhaustive) just lists certain of the known members of the family. For more information see individual entries where available

  1. John Greaves (1774-1849)m Mary Whitehead (1779-1864)
    1. son
    2. son
    3. John Whitehead Greaves 1807-1880 m Ellen Stedman (1816-1887)
      1. John Ernest Greaves 1847-1945 m Marianne Rigby (1851-1934)
        1. Dorothy Greaves 1876-1963 m Godfrey Drage 1868-1953
        2. Cecily Greaves 1882-1887
          1. Dorothy Drage 1906-1966 m William Stanley Flower 1902-1940
            1. John Edward Greaves Peckham Flower 1932-1942
            2. Susan Marianne Cecily Flower 1936-1969
          2. Cicely Grace Drage 1909-1952 m Somerville Travers Livingstone-Learmonth 1904-1984
            1. Jean Alison Livingstone-Learmonth 1933- m Imre Nagy
            2. male child died at birth
      2. Richard Methuen Greaves 1852-1942 m Constance Mary Dugdale 1862-1947
      3. Edward Seymour Greaves 1849-1910 m Rosamund Angharad Lloyd 1860-1941
        1. George Methuen Greaves 1889-1953 (chairman of Llechwedd slate quarries 1945-1953) m Frances Alice Mary Fitzalan-Howard 1892-1975
          1. Richard Philip Edmund Greaves (1921-)
          2. Susan Mary Elizabeth Greaves (1924-2007)
      4. Frances Evelyn Greaves 1854-1926 m Sir Arthur Osmond Williams, 1st Bart. 1849-1927
        1. David Osmond Deudrath Williams 1882-1882
        2. Captain Osmond Trahairn Deudraeth Williams+ b. 26 Feb 1883, d. 30 Sep 1915 m Lady Gladys Margaret Finch-Hatton (1882-1964)
        3. Evelyn Olwen Williams b. 24 May 1884 d 1960
        4. Lawrence Trevor Greaves Williams b. 26 Aug 1885 d 1930
        5. Annie Salizma Loveday Williams b. 14 Nov 1891 d 1962
        6. Ellen Dolga Dormie Williams b. 14 Nov 1891 d 1976
      5. Ellen Mabel Greaves 1851-1941 m Rev John Clough Williams-Ellis 1833-1913
        1. Martyn Ivor Williams-Ellis (1885-1968), Chairman and Managing Director at Llechwedd Quarry m Rachel Yates 1897-1963
          1. John Richard Baldwyn Williams-Ellis (1923-1989), Chairman and Managing Director at Llechwedd Quarry m Mary Dorothy Charlton 1921-1979
            1. Bronwyn Mary Williams-Ellis 1953-
            2. Susanna Rose Williams-Ellis 1955-
            3. David Hugo Martyn Williams-Ellis 1959-
          2. Gwenllian Mary Williams-Ellis 1927-2021 m George C Cox
            1. Caroline Rachel Cox 1956- m John R Smith
              1. Victoria Sarah Smith 1991-
              2. Annabel Frances Smith 1992-
      6. Edith Mary Greaves 1844-1927 married Rev Septimus Cox Holmes Hansard 1823-1895
      7. Mary Hilda Greaves 1855-1927 spinster

Richard Methuen Greaves and his wife had no children so decided to settle their estate (Wern) and their shares in the Llechwedd Quarry on one of their nephews. Originally it was to have been Osmond Williams, whose mother was Evelyn Greaves, Richard Methuen's sister. Unfortunately, he was killed in the First World War and so they decided upon their nephew, Martyn Williams-Ellis, whose mother was Ellen Mabel Greaves, another of Richard Methuen's sisters and also mother of Bertram Clough Williams-Ellis of Portmeirion fame. This was fortunate for Llechwedd as Martyn Williams-Ellis was involved in mining in South Africa before returning to take up the reins at Llechwedd during his uncle's lifetime.

His son John Williams-Ellis (b.1923) was Chairman and Managing Director at Llechwedd Quarry. John Williams-Ellis and his sister Mary Cox were both born at Plas Weunydd, Llechwedd.

Mary Cox's daughter Caroline is still involved in the Quarry as are John Williams-Ellis's three children, Bronwyn, Susannah and David along with their father's cousin Jean Nagy, who is directly descended from J E Greaves, who was her great-grandfather.

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