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Gysgfa curve is a sharp S-bend with a foot crossing followed by a short cutting. The cutting is the location of the 5 mile marker from Porthmadog.

On Saturday 3rd May 2008, a derailment occurred here, which was subject to a mandatory RAIB investigation. Their report is available here.

There was a plan in the early 1970s to reduce the length of the Minffordd to Tan y Bwlch section by building a loop here. An explanation for this plan said that it would enable a timetable of up to 18 trains a day! [1] The FR Magazine in 1972 suggested a start would be made that summer.[2] It would have required a lot of excavation and after second thoughts the loop was built at Rhiw Goch instead.

Gysgfa is a favourite location of the railway's younger visitors due to there being a trough by the side of the line in which resides a family of rubber ducks.


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