June 2006

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WRG with newly honorary SSP.

A productive weekend working at Boston Lodge. Work was off-track, spreading fill just off Glan-y-Mor 14 road so we didn't tread on too many peopls toes. Especially those in sandals.

Two Bocoals of Minffordd Yard topping and two RAFs of GCC road surfacing scalpings were consolidated on top of the existing layer of what seemed like foundry sand to form a level base. The Boston Lodge ash heap was dug up and spread on top off this, leaving a large area suitable for landing a helicopter or assembling new Pen Cob points, depending on how Fred feels. Most ponderable was the 10' long 1" bar buried in the sand- presumably old brake rodding from Carriage 15?

Recently cleared and levelled area of Glan-y-Mor showing the new Boston Lodge helipad
*Date: June 2006 *Photo: Andy Elms

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