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For other RAF wagons, see Locoals, Bogie Coal Wagons (nos. 68 & 69) and WHR Ltd Wagon List.

The Standard unit of currency in terms of "modern" FR Wagons, now well over 40 years old. 16 of these wagons (numbers 83-98 inclusive) and this has been confirmed by Fred Howes. Three have never been re-gauged from pure 2ft - No.s 83/86 & 88. 83 is shown in traffic on a works train in ibase 2071. Known as RAFs, they are all-steel Hudson 4 wheel open wagons built in 1952, acquired from RAF Lichfield in 1963. They have drop side doors, which can be removed if required and the top end bulkhead can also be removed if required. The handbrake, acting on all four wheels is at the bottom end, where there is also a small platform. Their safety was improved when the wheels had 5/16" rings welded onto the back of the flanges to correct the back to back measurement.[1]

They were normally used to handle ballast and although new continuously-braked wagons such as the BZs have taken on this task, several RAFs still form part of the Permanent Way Department fleet. Others are used by S&T and at Boston Lodge for the storage of engine parts during overhauls etc.

The couplings are pin-and-link with a central dumb buffing plate for attaching a coupling block.

Wagon 85[edit]

No. 85. Minffordd Yard

Wagon 87[edit]

No. 87. Minffordd Yard

Wagon 89[edit]

No. 89. Minffordd Yard

Wagon 90[edit]

No. 90. Unusually the blue patch with the number is at the LH end. Close examination of this reveals it is definitely 90, not 80. Minffordd Yard

Wagon 95[edit]

Wagon 95 (probably) at Minffordd Yard

Wagon 96[edit]

Wagon No.96 Rhyd Ddu for use on Phase 4 of WHR(C))Ex-SAR brakevan No.3172 behind. Photo BWH.

Wagon 97[edit]

97 Under the coal drop in Minffordd Yard

Wagon 98?[edit]

Wagon 98 (probably) showing link in place Minffordd Yard

Wagon unknown[edit]

Unidentified RAF wagon with side door open, during possession at Blaenau Ffestiniog


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