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Dr Peter N. Jarvis, aka Pedr, one of the medical members of the Ffestiniog Railway Medical Service (Gwasanaeth Meddygol Rheilffordd Ffestiniog), and sometime Chairman of the Milton Keynes Group of the FRS.

He has been a volunteer since 1957 and prefers tracklaying as a healthy outdoor activity. He has worked for all three railways (FR, WHR(C), WHR(P)). He and his wife Sue (FR volunteer since 1959) are members of the Lilla Group. They have one daughter, Hilary, also a railway volunteer.

Whilst still a devout FR man, for nearly twenty years he has been working on the new Rheilffordd Eryri or Welsh Highland Railway and raising funds for it.

A writer of fiction as well as a chronicler of fact, his essays have appeared in the society magazine, and a collection was published in 1994 under the title Chwedlau Ffestiniog Fables (see Books)

In the winter he visits the Public Records Office at Kew and is itching to get at the FR Archives in Caernarfon.

John Winton in The Little Wonder says "He might well be called the romantic conscience of the railway - for years he has enlivened proceedings at Annual General Meetings. Half-Welsh, calling himself a 'half-breed', his anecdotes of the railway merge, at some indeterminable point, into Welsh legend." He is chronicler of the Welsh dragons that, of course, power the FR's locomotives - see FRM-097.

In their private lives Peter and Sue are also guides at Bletchley Park, the codebreaking centre where the first electronic computers worked. Both are members of national archaeological societies.

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