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This page describes the house magazines of the various support groups. Sample copies/Back copies of many of these will be found in the respective shops.

FR Magazine - Ffestiniog Railway Society or Cymdeithas Rheilffordd Ffestiniog[edit]

The FR Magazine is a quarterly distributed to all members of the FRS Further details and up-to-date membership rates visit the Society website

Gylb - Gwirfoddolwr y Lein Bach[edit]

Gylb (Gwirfoddolwr y Lein Bach - "Volunteer on the Little Line") is a low budget, no nonsense, quarterly subscription publication for Volunteers of both the Ffestiniog and Welsh Highland (C) railways. As such, no pictures, no graphics, just hard information. The Gylb. is produced and paid for by the Societies for the benefit of the F.R’s & W.H.R.(C.). Volunteers. It costs about £1.5k. p.a. and this money is, therefore, not available to the railways. We will be delighted to make it available to anyone who is not a currently-active volunteer on payment of £6 for four issues. The cash / cheque / credit card / etc. should be made out to: Ffestiniog Railway Society and sent to A. J. Price at: 50 Thistle Downs, Northway, Tewksbury, Glos., GL20-8RE. Should any active volunteers care to help with these costs, we would be pleased to receive their contributions at the same address.

FR Heritage Group Journal[edit]

If you're into the heritage aspect of the Ffestiniog, then the Heritage Group Journal is the magazine for you. With in depth analysis of particular aspects of historical railway life, mixed with present day actions in support of our Heritage. Membership/subscription details can be found at the group website

The Snowdon Ranger - WHR(C) or Cymdeithas Rheilffordd Eryi[edit]

Snowdon Ranger is a quarterly distributed to all members of the WHR Society. For further information goto the group website

The Journal[edit]

The Journal is a magazine distributed to all members of the WHR Ltd. It was a quarterly publication, but this is now reduced due to the existence of electronic communications

Welsh Highland Heritage[edit]

The Welsh Highland Heritage group has a quarterly magazine simply called Welsh Highland Heritage. This magazine is a bit different in that it is A4 size. Further conact details can be found here

Inside Motion[edit]

Inside Motion is the internal newsletter of the Ffestiniog and Welsh Highland Railways and aims to keep the employees, volunteers and supporters up to date.

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