RAF Alrewas

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RAF Alrewas was the location given for the purchase of 15 All-Steel Hudson open wagons in 1963. Recent research has revealed there was never a base with this name. The nearest, and most probable location was RAF Lichfield, also known as Fradley Aerodrome.

This base no longer exists, but the area is traceable, and lies within a triangle of the town of Lichfield, and the villages of Fradley and Alrewas, approx 2.5 miles North East of Lichfield.


In an email to the FR E-group posting 53028, Jim Hewett informs "...there was, (possibly still is) a scrap mechant, T Leavesley (Alrewas) Ltd., who dealt in all sorts of Government surplus as was most likely the supplier of these wagons.".

It is possible that when the MoD sold the site, material was auctioned off, enblock. It would be reasonable to expect a local dealer to purchase this material and dispose of, as separate lots [Editors view]

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