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For other RAF wagons, see RAFs, Bogie Coal Wagons (nos. 68 & 69) and WHR Ltd Wagon List.

Locomotive Coal (hence lo-coal) wagons, not to be confused with the similar wooden sided Bogie Coal Wagons (Bocoals).

All-Steel Open Bogie wagons (ex-RAF Fauld) built in the 1950s by Robert Hudson Ltd, Leeds, and having two steel drop doors on either side, removable top end bulkhead and a handbrake working on the bottom end bogie. Used as part of the Permanent Way Department and S & T department works trains. Numbered 74-81. No.80 Locoal has been converted into a bogie flat with one solid end, now used by the C2 project team and numbered N80. There is no photographic evidence that 81 existed and sources other than the wagon list in earlier Traveller's Guides do not list it.

Wagon 74[edit]

Wagon 74 - Minffordd Yard

Wagon 75[edit]

Wagon 75 - Minffordd

All have RAF type pin and link couplings, hook and link coupling of these vehicles is not possible without the use of a 4-wheel RAF wagon fitted with an adaptor buffer. This must be used to couple with all 'chopper coupling' fitted locos. Only Harold and some of the small Simplex locos can couple directly. (Harlech Castle has now been converted to choppers.)

From 'A Traveller's Guide' (Blue Cover early 2000s)

Wagon 76[edit]

Picture awaited.

Wagon 77[edit]

Wagon 77 - Minffordd Yard

Wagon 78[edit]

Wagon 78 and others - Tan-y-Bwlch - Tree trimming train
Wagon 78 - Minffordd

Cyril Perrier wrote in an email to Kim Winter dated 10 January 2005:

"Though the loco is barely visible, it is in fact 'Moelwyn'. The only time I've seen such a train on the FR in 40 years! The various wagons in use may be interesting, though not easy to identify."

Wagon 79[edit]

Wagon 79 - Tany-y-Bwlch

Wagon 80[edit]

Pictures of 80 and N80 awaited.

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