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Two Festiniog Railway Simplex diesel locomotives have been named Sandra.

  • the second, covered on this page, was ex Anglian Water Authority in 1977 No. 15/01, and was later named Cora.*

This Simplex four-wheel Diesel Mechanical locomotive was built by Motor Rail Ltd, Bedford (1961 works No.22119). It is fitted with a 20 h.p. Dorman 2LB diesel engine No. 72852 and cost £1,370 when built new for the Great Ouse River Board. It was bought from their successors, the Anglian Water Authority, by Track Supplies and Services Ltd of Wolverton, who sold it to the FR East Anglian Group. The locomotive was despatched direct from Ely to Minffordd, where it arrived in excellent condition on 24 June 1977 for use on the Deviation.

It was named Sandra after the fiancée/wife of staff Deviationist Dave Payne but this name was later transferred to Jane. After this the vehicle was recorded bearing the name Cora and the JGF 3.

Unfortunately this locomotive had 22 inch wheelsets - not conducive to staying on the track at her high speed of 10mph, so its power unit was transferred to The Colonel. The remains loitered in Glanypwll yard before being used as part of a winch engine for the Cei Mawr reculverting works in the early nineties, retaining its gearbox as additional ballast weight. Since then, it has led a peaceful life.

The rolling chassis was noted in Glanypwll yard in October 2009. The gearbox shall form part of "new" Simplex Andy, together with the frames of Lady Diana.

  • There is only one entry in Chronology for Cora in 1984, under "Sandra" from HGJ-54-07 and this states:-

This locomotive was seen at Glan-y-pwll on 22nd August 1984 carrying the works plate MR 22119, the painted inscriptions JGF3, ‘Cora’ and also 15/01, the latter being the AWA fleet number.

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