Spooner's Hollow

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Spooner's Hollow
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Spooner's Hollow, spelled as Spooners Hollow (without apostrophe) in the current rule book, was a Deviation construction site very close to the old line about 100 yards beyond the Blaenau end of Rhoslyn lake. It was originally a quarry, possibly used in the construction of the original line hence its name. It was being filled from the summer of 1969.

Spooner's Hollow. The old line may be seen below, between the walls. The end of the temporary track on the new line is seen bottom right. Date: 7 June 1970. Photo: Gareth Foster
Working at Spooner's Hollow. Perhaps the people will recognise themselves. Note the transversely mounted skip body to facilitate tipping over the end of the embankment. Date 7 June 1970. Photo: Gareth Foster
Taken looking up from old line. Date: July 1977. Photo: Brian Taylor

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