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this is a work in progress

The comment in Boyd that "This was one of 3 very small halts between Nantmor and Croesor Junction (no more than 2 existing at any one time)." is invalid, but started a hunt across the area and time, to find out the truth

John Keylock, in The WHR - An Historical Guide states "Ynysferlas Halt was moved half a mile south and renamed Hafod Garregog Halt after 9th July 1923. Two upstanding lengths of rail mark the supports for the original halt sign."

Richard Maund, on further investigation, in the WH Heritage Journal reckons it was just a name change for Ynysferlas[1]

By examing the available information, satellite photos and old maps, the following has been established.

Whilst remembering Boyds comment, "A location known as Hafod Garregog, existing for a very short space of time." it has to be laid aside in examining other information.

There is no question that one of the three halts, was Hafod y Llyn. This is the exact same location used in the rebuild, and operated in 2009/10 as the southern terminus. This marked "C" in the attached map.

Location "B", in recent times, was the place marked on the TWO maps, that was to be called Hafod y Llyn. No effort was ever made for this to be used in the rebuild.

Given what has happened more recently with Beddgelert Forest Halt / Meillionen, this writer contends both Ynysferlas, and the actual Hafod Garregog, were in fact the same location, the name change being effected about the time of the opening in June 1923. One suggestion has been made that the unidentified HG site, was infact also the unused Hafod y Llyn (TWO) location "B", but there is not much evidence for this

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