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1875 Works photo with the kind permission of Graeme Wilkinson.

Moel Tryfan was an 0-6-4T Single Fairlie locomotive built for the North Wales Narrow Gauge Railways in 1875. By the time of First World War it was run down and was amalgamated with Snowdon Ranger to create one good locomotive. It later saw use on the Welsh Highland Railway and Festiniog Railway.

Having last run in 1936, it survived to play a significant, if rather inglorious, part in the early history of the revived FR when it was scrapped in 1954 to provide much needed funds.

Moel Tryfan was named after the local mountain where the slate quarries that provided most of the railway's commerce were located.

More recently the name was tentatively endowed on a Bagnall scheduled for restoration on the Welsh Highland Railway (Porthmadog), but which eventually went elsewhere. (more...)

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