Welsh Highland Railway (Porthmadog)

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Welsh Highland Railway (Porthmadog), WHR(P) for short, was the name adopted by the group at Gelert's Farm during the period of the rebuild of the original line.

The independent Welsh Highland Light Railway (1964) Limited, called the '64 Company though it was active before, changed name in 1996 to the Welsh Highland Railway Limited, WHR Ltd.. From 1998, that company used to market its operations as the WHR (Porthmadog), or WHR(P), as part of the promotion of the restoration of the line from Caernarfon to Porthmadog. From 2009 this was changed to the Welsh Highland Heritage Railway.

It has its own website.

The Company currently runs a service from Porthmadog (WHHR) to Pen y Mount along the old Beddgelert Siding. This links at Pen y Mount with the completed Welsh Highland Railway running from Caernarfon to Porthmadog.

Pen-y-mountGelert's FarmTremadog RoadCae Pawb CrossingPorthmadog

It has its main engineering base at Gelert's Farm Works.

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