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Little Giant at Duffws c1912 -1914

Little Giant was the sixth and last of the single engines built by George England & Co (works number 235) for the FR and the second of the "large Englands" after Welsh Pony. It was delivered in 1867 and became No. 6 in the FR fleet.

It was first rebuilt in 1887-88, with a new steel boiler, new smokebox, chimney, front footplate and lubricator. The whistles were moved back to the weatherboard. It ran in this style until the following winter when a new tank and cab were fitted. The frames were found to be cracked and in May 1890 new steel ones were fitted. New tyres were fitted and new bearing springs, made from old Little Wonder springs. The vacuum brake was fitted in June 1893 and in October 1893 a new 'D' shaped smokebox was put on.

In 1904 it was again rebuilt with a new mild steel boiler from the Vulcan foundry. Most of the locomotive was new except the tank and the wheel centres. The frames were replaced, the cab had a new front, a new smokebox was fitted, the chimney was made shorter "to clear bridge", new cylinders and pistons were fitted and the wheels were retyred. The tank was raised 2" on oak beams and the carrier frames were lengthened

It was dismantled for a boiler inspection in November 1924. The locomotive was never reassembled and parts were used to repair the other England Engines. (more...)